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New to A3 Reports?

The A3 is a standardized report developed by Toyota that is now being used by hundreds of companies around the world. The name comes from the size of the sheet of paper on which the report is written — the A3 metric-sized paper.

A3 Thinking

We all want to get things done, and in our rush to do so we are prone to skipping or to giving minimal attention to the Planning step. Before we Do, when we know or think we know what we want to Do, Planning seems to be a costly misuse of time. Later, after or sometimes as we work our way through the execution of what we want to Do, we very often ask ourselves why we didn ’ t take more time to Plan.

Faster Agreements

A3 reports let you show the full thinking that brings you from point A to point B. Then you can reach faster agreements by discussing about solutions and not about assumptions. A3 is a learning tool that enables coaching and helps lean thinking.

Use A3 Reports when...

  • Collaboration in thinking is required.
  • You need to make your thinking more visible.
  • You have a knowledge gap.

Don´t use A3 Reports when...

  • You already know the solution.
  • You know the solution and need to test it.
  • You force fit your work into a report for credit.

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